Flower Fields/ Syngenta

July 2003 Case Study / View Demo
Syngenta/S&G Flowers, and the Flower Fields Alliance contracted with Advantage Factory to build a portal Web site and 'eHub.' The portal site provides real-time inventory information and accept orders, talking in turn to the partners' systems and to their broker, Syngenta/S&G.

Each partner system has its own adapter (based on XML) to integrate to the portal. Order processing was significantly reduced, overall code was dramatically reduced, and Gary Falkenstein, CEO of Fischer, USA (a member of the FFA) said, "This is exactly what we needed."

Advantage Factory chose Microsoft® ASP.NET, Commerce Server 2002 and the Microsoft .NETFramework to implement the portal site, along with Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000. They used ASP.NETbased Web services, Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2002, and Microsoft message queues to implement the adapters. They wrote their code 70% in Microsoft Visual C#® and 30% in Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET.