US Army Mission Planning

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Advantage Factory helps the US Army gain situational awareness powered by Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2, SharePoint Server 2007 and Virtual Earth.

Mainframe server technologies have been around for a long time. These large and generally powerful systems do their job and do it well as they were designed. These systems execute a single task quickly and efficiently and move on to the next task to do the very same. Limitations of such technologies are realized when service integration requirements arise and changing business or operational requirements require service composition (sequencing of services). This is generally where mainframe technologies start to fail, because they simply were not designed to allow for such agility.

The US Army has existing systems that depend on mainframe technologies executing single tasks efficiently every day, but the need for flexibility in composing business and operational services across individual applications requires an additional layer of abstraction. The rich integration and service composition features of Microsoft BizTalk Server, coupled with the dynamic service resolution capabilities of Microsoft UDDI Server are allowing the US Army to embrace and extend existing mainframe assets while gaining the strategic advantages of a true service oriented architecture.

Many organizations have realized the benefits of adopting BizTalk and SharePoint, but a growing number of forward looking organizations like the US Army are taking it even one step further by making data presentation a first class citizen within the enterprise. These new ways of presenting, layering and pivoting on data provide strategic advantage in real world scenarios where operational agility is paramount.